At Kids Own Kingdom

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Art & Craft

KOK provides a platform where kids make different types of creative articles with their own hands guided by trained teachers. When kids feel good while they are creating then art helps their boost self-confidence. And children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room.


If you want your Child to be sharper than Computer or Calculator. If you want your Child to solve 562-32 x 75 /5 without Calculator. If you like your Child to be on the top place in Today’s cut throat competition.

Dance & Bollywood

Dance is one of the biggest forms of expression. Children enjoy when they tap their feet on the beat. Dance not helps in developing gross motor skills in kids but it also helps in improving self-confidence in them. KOK kids are always full of masti when they are dancing thus making the environment around them joyful and lively.

Personality Development

Can your child express ideas and thoughts freely before others, peers and unknown people? Is your child introvert? Can your child perform freely on stage without getting conscious? If answer to any of these is No, try KOK’s personality development.

Tuition Center for all Classes

Kids require after school help in their fast pacing curriculum at school. Tuition helps kids to cope up with and stay up-to-date with their syllabus. Extra and well guided studies at KOK, helps children to stay in the ranking competition at their school. After school hours, tuition classes are provided from class 1st to 12th.

Find (and Keep) the Best Teachers

At KOK, we hire highly Qualified English Speaking Teachers who understands child physiology very well and have prior experience in handling kids. Teachers are the Biggest Asset of KOK