Play Group/Pre-Nursery

Class Patren

Class Pattern At KOK, in PreNursery other than cirriculam we fous on the below specified additional activities to enhance the skills
  • Cultivating Inquisitive nature in Children:

    KOK kids take a ride to different places like Post-office, Barber Shop, Vegetable market etc and the teachers invoke them to ask what ever questions come in their mind. Thus cultivating inquisitive nature which boosts confidence in kids to face real life situations.

  • Stage Performance:

    Stage Performance is known to give butterflies in the stomach for even a veteran actor. But KOK kids appear to be some genius that they simply go out there, have fun and leave the audience spellbound.

  • Clay-Moulding:

    Playing with clay helps in promoting those little minds to get busy by thinking about what they're going to create and how they're going to create it. It’s an outstanding sensory development activity for kids.